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2010/12/07 au 2010/12/09 – Conférence ICSSEA : « 22nd International Conference on Software & Systems Engineering and their Applications »

Conférence ICSSEA TELECOM ParisTech 22nd International Conference on Software & Systems Engineering and their Applications

Abstract : Harnessing the Power and Promise of Distributed Software and SystemsWe live in a connected world – an interdependent web of economic, social and political entities. Actions of one potentially affect the behaviors of all. Whether you believe that information technology helped spawn this connected and interdependent world or merely co-evolved with it, it is clear that modern software and systems engineering has been profoundly impacted. This conference is dedicated to the development of software and systems that harness the power in this web rather than fall victim to it.The ubiquitous spread of the Internet and the World Wide Web has had a twofold impact on software and systems engineering: it has impacted the way enterprises interact with their customers and partners, and it has changed the way they develop software applications. Among the more common approaches that are being used are service-oriented architectures, web services, SAAS, cloud computing, P2P, grids, JBI and SCA. These approaches leverage the distributed nature of the systems to make them more flexible, adaptable, and better suited to users needs. In contrast to the tightly-coupled designs of older technologies, modern software and systems deliver capability through a kaleidoscope of loosely-coupled elements riding on infrastructure. Often times project management is also a distributed process. Not only are teams geographically spread, but also a team must cooperate with members outside their own organization in order to successfully complete a project. Software and systems producers can no longer act in total isolation – they must themselves become dependent on component or service providers, on VARs, and even on proactive customers.Co-organized by TELECOM ParisTech, CS Communication and Systems, and the Génie Logiciel quarterly, the 22nd edition of the ICSSEA Conference (International Conference on Software and Systems Engineering and their Applications) will be held in Paris on December 7-9, 2010. By gathering actors from across the enterprise and research worlds, it aims at providing a critical survey of the status of tools, methods, and processes for elaborating software & systems. Lectures and discussions will be conducted with the issues of coupling and interoperability in distributed software and systems as the leitmotiv.

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